What did we do before cell phones?

How many times have you heard “What did we do before cell phones?” My short answer is: we planned better. We probably did a lot of other things better too. The cell phone age has created the environment of the immediate. Everything happens now. Everything is last minute. Because everything is last minute, we get upset when someone doesn’t answer their cell phone the first time we call. The reality is, you can’t always be available. If you try to always be available, then you are never available for the things that really matter, like family meals around the kitchen table and changing dirty diapers (yes, changing dirty diapers matters dads). What about email? Are you one of those folks who has push enabled on your phone and it dings every time you get a new email? And you check your phone every time it dings? Good grief. When emailing me, pretend that the email you just sent is like the regular mail. It will be a day or two before I read it, and then another day or two before I respond, assuming a response is even necessary. Learn to unplug regularly. Life will go on, I promise.


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