MAL #4 – Leadership and Character

Leadership and personal character are directly connected. You must be honest with yourself; are you a person of character? Before seeking to develop leadership skills you must first examine your own life. Am I trustworthy? Have I demonstrated the skills necessary to be a leader?

These are hard questions to answer but your personal character is foundational to your leadership style. One of my favorite pastors and speakers is Dr. Harry Reeder. In his audio series on Biblical Manhood, Dr. Reeder offers five character traits that leaders must possess and they are 1. dependability, 2. integrity, 3. moral purity, 4. civility and 5. humility. These character traits make you someone people can trust. You cannot just start being these things; these traits must be a part of who you are. They must be visible in your lifestyle. How do you earn the reputation for being dependable? You demonstrate it. Dependability fosters a relationship of trust, and it takes time for people to learn to trust you as a leader because we live in a fallen world and trust is difficult.


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