What is Mutual Aid Leadership?

It’s an idea.

It’s an idea that we need to work together to train better leaders.  Mutual aid is about helping our neighbors, and I think we need to help our neighbors train leaders. Who is your neighbor? If you are reading this, then you are my neighbor.  I want to meet you where you are, share the mistakes I’ve made and lessons learned, so together we can inspire men and women to become better leaders.

Here is the basic outline for Mutual Aid Leadership:

  1. Start with why
    • Your organization has a mission statement, what about you?
  2. Leaders on the home-front
    • Your home life effects your work life.
  3. Health: mental and physical
    • Physical fitness and mental fitness are directly related.
  4. Leadership and character are connected
    • What are the character traits of good leaders?
  5. Develop your vision and share it
    • How does your team know where you’re going if you haven’t shared it?
  6. Rethink your org chart
    • Who is at the top of your org chart? Who cares?
  7. Learn to say “no”
    • It’s easy to say “yes” to every new thing that comes along.
  8. Networking and relationships are key
    • You plan for mutual aid response, and you should plan your network too.
  9. Models and mentors
    • You need models and mentors for your life.

Want to be a part of this?  Contact me today, and let’s get started!


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